The Story Of Our Founders

Everything changed in 2011 when Brandon Marshall was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

While he triumphed under the stadium lights as one of the best wide receivers in professional football, his personal life was in turmoil. For years he struggled with the emotional instability that had crept its way into his life most importantly his relationships and his career. With a diagnosis in hand New York Jets All-Pro, Brandon Marshall was ready to face a different type of opponent.

For Michi Marshall who is certified in Behavioral Forensics and Behavioral Profiling and also holds a B.A in Psychology and a B.S in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida, the diagnosis was her and their revival.

Discovering the unknown allowed them to create a plan and path forward – TOGETHER.

As Brandon put the pieces of his life back together, he and his wife Michi, took an oath to help others suffering from a mental illness or disorder. Together they co-founded PROJECT 375, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental illness and disorders.

The Marshalls believe that eradicating the stigma makes treatment possible – even for an individual playing arguably one of the toughest and most physical sports on the planet.

Our Founders

PROJECT 375 is led by passionate individuals dedicated to the education, support, and treatment of mental health.

  • Brandon Marshall
    Brandon MarshallExecutive Chairman, Co-Founder

    NFL wide receiver, Brandon Marshall is one of the most influential figures in the mental health community. After being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in 2010, he co-founded PROJECT 375 to help promote awareness of mental health, end the stigma, and raise funding for treatment.

    • Michi Marshall
      Michi MarshallExecutive Vice President, Co-Founder

      Michi Marshall is a founder of Project 375 with a passion for mental health. Michi is certified in Behavioral Forensics and Behavioral Profiling and also holds a B.A in Psychology and a B.S in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida. After graduation Michi worked at Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare as a Mental Health Technician, Behavioral Forensics Specialist and as an Assessment Specialist.

      Founder’s Circle

      • Arian Foster
        Arian FosterInaugural Member
        • Kyle Long
          Kyle LongInaugural Member

          Team PROJECT 375

          • Alexis Taylor
            Alexis TaylorExecutive & Development Assistant
            • Erica Jellerson
              Erica JellersonSocial Media and Events Coordinator
              • Emily Thieme
                Emily ThiemeDevelopment and Ambassador Manager
                • Carissa Johnson
                  Carissa JohnsonDirector of Operations


                  Board of Directors

                  • Tracy Feno
                    Tracy Feno
                    • John Greden, M.D.
                      John Greden, M.D.
                      • Michael R. Hollander, PhD
                        Michael R. Hollander, PhD
                        • Peter Liguori
                          Peter Liguori
                          • Doug Lehrman
                            Doug Lehrman
                            • Kate Lykes
                              Kate Lykes
                              • Jim Lykes
                                Jim Lykes
                                • Alec Miller, Psy.D.
                                  Alec Miller, Psy.D.
                                  • Scott L. Rauch, MD
                                    Scott L. Rauch, MD
                                    • Kathy Lee White
                                      Kathy Lee WhiteSecretary

                                      Associate Board

                                      • Nichol Bradford
                                        Nichol Bradford
                                        • Angel Ramos
                                          Angel Ramos


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