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The Story:

New Ways Into the Brain’s ‘Music Room’ as seen in The New York Times reported by
Natalie Angier

By mathematically analyzing scans of the auditory cortex and grouping clusters of brain cells with similar activation patterns, the scientists have identified neural pathways that react almost exclusively to the sound of music — any music.

Our Expert Opinion:

“Music quickly taps into our rewards centers in our brain,” says Buchanan. “What happens is for most of us in seconds, we will release hormones into our system, like dopamine, which will help us feel good, oxytocin, which will help us trust people and serotonin, which can help us sleep. It all depends on the tune.”

– music therapist, Jennifer Buchanan

A PROJECT 375 Perspective:

We’ve all done it. Turned on a love song when we’re feeling romantic. Turned on something lively when we’re cleaning house. Even cried when certain songs come on with stories that stir our hearts. Music plays a role in everyone’s life to a certain extent and each of us reaches for music for one reason or another. My husband is a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock’n roll! Music definitely gets me through the day – smooth jazz, 80’s pop, classical, gospel, R&B, you name it. Given how many ups and downs a day has, music is a welcome addition.

– Carisssa Johnson, Director of Operations, PROJECT 375


Let’s Talk About It:

We are so excited to bring you our latest installment of REAL CHATS.
This week’s story is from Kathy Flaherty.

Kathy is an attorney and the Executive Director of Connecticut Legal Rights Project, Inc., a statewide non-profit agency which provides legal services to low income individuals with psychiatric disabilities who reside in hospitals or the community, on matters related to their treatment, recovery, and civil rights. She has been married to Jim Valentino since 1998. They are parents of rescue dogs. Kathy is also an avid runner, on a quest to run a race in all of Connecticut’s 169 cities and towns.

PROJECT 375: What makes you laugh the most?

Stephen McDonnell: Two things: my husband – no matter how difficult a day I am having, it’s a guarantee that he will say something or do something that leaves me no choice but to laugh; and the BBC comedy “Red Dwarf” even though I have seen every episode countless times and have most of the dialogue memorized.

Find this installment of REAL CHATS here.

For more details or to get involved, contact Emily Thieme at E.thieme@project375.org.

Quote of the week:

Just because they knocked you down once or twice doesn’t mean they won.”

—  Brandon Marshall

Listening to:

I still believe from PROJECT DETERMINED
Every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present,
and I have the power to make it so.
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1. a benefit corporation that provides homeless and disabled artists the opportunity to earn their own income. ArtLifting sells original paintings, art prints, and products so artists can earn recurring income from each piece.

“Art is the first thing I’ve felt comfortable with for years. It allows me to express my thoughts in a much better way than standing on the corner turning in circles and screaming. It brings order out of the chaos that’s usually in my mind.”

– E Lewis Basher

 Our featured MyCounterpane writer is Doug Stubbs. You can read her entry here.


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Well, we’re glad you asked. Click here for a list of 5 things you can do to help end mental health stigma


Our Founder Hard at a work

Thank you The Dan Patrick Show for hosting Brandon Marshall!

Watch here

Your Brain Is Hardwired to Snap as seen in National Geographic reported by Simon Worrall

From domestic violence to mass shootings, the news is full of stories of seemingly “normal” people suddenly going berserk.

Duchess Kate calls for mental health support in schools with heartfelt video as seen in TODAY reported by Marian Smith

Duchess Kate released a heartfelt video message in support of top children’s mental health charity Place2Be on Sunday at the start of its Mental Health Week.

The History of Mental Health Care in Oklahoma KOSU reported by Michael Cross

Currently, Oklahoma is among 10 states that spend the least per capita on mental health.

You can check out The Chatter, Volume 27 here.

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