The Interview:

New York Jets Wide Receiver and our co-founder, Brandon Marshall, joined TSN Drive to discuss his own experiences dealing with mental health issues, how society at large can go about ending the stigma, and how we at Project 375, are helping to raise funds for various mental health initiatives.

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The Story:

Doctors should screen all adults for depression, task force recommends as seen in CNN reported by Carina Storrs

The recommendations by the task force, an independent expert panel, update its 2009 advice in two important ways: First, everyone 18 and older should be screened, the panel said — and not just at clinics where systems are in place to connect at-risk individuals to mental healthcare. Second, primary care doctors should screen women who are pregnant or have recently given birth, two groups not included in earlier recommendations.

Our Expert Opinion:

“In the United States, like many other economically developed nations, primary care practices represent the best place for implementation of these methods, because it is the only venue where both screening and, if clinically indicated, treatment can be provided.”

– Michael E. Thase, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvaniaa

A PROJECT 375 Perspective:

There is no denying the strong connection between mental health and physical health. When doctors focus on and treat only physical ailments, an extremely important part of our overall health is ignored. Untreated depression can increase the risk for a myriad of physical ailments and can have serious long term consequences that affect every area of life. I believe our primary care physicians have a moral and ethical obligation to screen for depression and include mental health services in primary care practices. Aside from the moral and ethical reasons it makes sense from an economic perspective as well. The American Journal of Psychiatry reports that mental illness costs Americans at least $193 billion dollars in lost earnings alone. The recommendation by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to screen for depression in all patients is a great step towards mental health parity.

Emily Thieme, Development & Ambassador Coordinator, PROJECT 375


Let’s Talk About It:

We are so excited to bring you our latest installment of REAL CHATS. This week’s video story is from the Lykes family.

“She wants to matter. Don’t we all?” – Kate Lykes

Find this installment of REAL CHATS here.

For more details or to get involved, contact Emily Thieme at E.thieme@project375.org.

Quote of the week:

“When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’ even ‘Illness’ becomes ‘Wellness’”

— Malcolm X

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“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.” -Robin Williams
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5 Things You Can Do To Help End Mental Health Stigma

We can’t accomplish this alone. We need your help. Every day, incredible people reach out to us – through letters, on social networks, in emails and phone calls asking: “How can I help?”

Well, we’re glad you asked. Click here for a list of 5 things you can do to help end mental health stigma


4 Technologies Innovating Mental Health In 2016 , as seen in FORBES reported by Tori Utley

Mental health innovation is long overdue. With telemedicine technologies booming in the health care sector mental health technology has been lagging behind. The unique nature of mental health services can make it difficult to develop technology that successfully intervenes in human behavior and actually creates measurable, positive outcomes. However, with advancing research and awareness geared towards mental health issues, more companies are innovating in this space than ever before.

Obama Bans Solitary Confinement of Juveniles in Federal Prisons as seen in The New York Times reported by Michael D. Shear

President Obama on Monday banned the practice of holding juveniles in solitary confinement in federal prisons, saying it could lead to “devastating, lasting psychological consequences.” The move, which Mr. Obama outlined in an op-ed article published by The Washington Post on Monday night, adds the weight of the federal government to a growing movement among state prison administrators, who have begun sharply limiting or ending the use of solitary confinement.

‘I didn’t matter’: the long wait for mental health treatment The Guardian reported by Robert Booth

Her most recent mental health problems emerged, as in so many cases, when she was engulfed by a pile-up of problems in her life. Last summer, her husband’s illness had returned, her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she herself had been diagnosed with health problems. “All three things happened in the space of a couple of months,” she said. “I had a breakdown.” The crunch point came when she could not cope with the routine chore of washing clothes any more.

You can check out The Chatter, Volume 25 here.

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