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The best way out is always through.”

—  Robert Frost

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Why one of Clark County’s largest mental health providers is juvenile justice system
As seen in The Las Vegas Sun by Jackie Valley

Three cases down and a dozen more to go, Judge William Voy surveys the movement below his bench on a Monday afternoon.

It’s late August. The fourth defendant on his calendar — a 13-year-old boy wearing an orange T-shirt and navy blue sweatpants — enters from a side door connecting Clark County’s Family Court to the juvenile detention center. He’s no stranger to Courtroom 18.

“Youth involved in the justice system “are a vulnerable population due to their high rates of mental illness, physical health problems and early mortality,” Aalsma said. “Juvenile justice reform that decreases the reliance on incarceration and improves behavioral health and medical services are very important public health initiatives.”

– Matthew C. Aalsma, Ph.D., associate professor of pediatrics and psychology and director of the Juvenile Forensic Psychology Clinic at Indiana University.


As I read about each of the children introduced in the piece, I am consistently reminded of my little brother. Just shy of thirteen years old, getting him a proper diagnosis has been a struggle and one that we still have not overcome. He has violent outbursts, jumps from medication to medication and on several occasions has been taken to the hospital in the back of a cop car. At times we have pleaded with police officers to keep him unhandcuffed as he barely stood as high as my hip at 9 years old. He would arrive at the hospital, exhausted from hours of uncontrollable tantrums to later be released with no real help given at all. It is frustrating to try and get help for the people you love within the confines of an incredibly broken system. My concern for his safety and future only increases as he gets bigger, stronger and angrier. Have the failures of this country’s mental health system some how set my brother up to one day end up in a courtroom much like Judge William Voy’s? That is never a question that a loved one should have to worry about. Our loved ones are suffering now-we desperately need more and better resources now. They end up being unjustly punished due to the inadequacies of our system rather than being lifted up through proper clinical help and therapies. The cycle will continue for boys like Cody and my brother until mental health resources, preventative services and early intervention programs are made a priority outside of the courtroom and instead inside our schools, homes and hospitals.

– Erica Jellerson, PROJECT 375 Social Media and Events Coordinator

Real Chats

We are so excited to bring you another installment of REAL CHATS! This week’s story is from Arian Foster.

Arian is a four time Pro-Bowler and running back for the Houston Texans. He is also the inaugural member of PROJECT 375’s Founder’s Circle.

See Brandon’s full Real Chats installment with Arian here.

Find the full REAL CHATS here.

For more details or to get involved, contact Emily Thieme at

Want More?

Arian Foster Gets Behind Effort To Fight Stigma of Mental Illness
As seen in AP by Kristie Rieken

The Houston Texans running back knew he needed help but was reluctant to seek it because of the stigma surrounding mental health issues. He overcame that fear, sought therapy and it changed his life.

Basic Checks On Pregnant Women’s Mental Health May Help Prevent Suicide
As seen in Tech Times by Alyssa Navarro

A new report revealed that nearly half of post-partum and antenatal suicides by women could have been prevented by better standards of health care and basic checks on their mental health.

The NHS is failing people with mental health and substance use problems
As seen in The Guardian by Liz Hughes

After 15 years of initiatives, staff still lack compassion and many of the services are run by volunteers. People who have mental health along with substance use problems (known as dual diagnosis) have multiple needs, and yet struggle to find services.

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The putty features our Crazy Stigma Green. It is a pliable putty packaged with evidenced-based mindfulness tips and resources to ensure boys and men alike are comfortable having a conversation about and addressing their needs regarding mental health. Please donate today.

Help us give 5 kids access to treatment this holiday season!

The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to treating children and adolescents with mental health and learning disorders so that they can live healthy, fulfilling lives. We believe that every child has the ability to succeed with the appropriate support, and that every family deserves access to good clinical care.


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 The Facts

  • Up to 1 in 7 women experience Postpartum Depression, (PPD). (

  • For half of women diagnosed with PPD, this is their first episode of depression.  (

  • 350,000,000: The number of people globally who are affected by some form of depression.   (Huffington Post)

  • 70%: The percentage by which women are more likely than men to experience depression in their lifetime. (Huffington Post)

In case you missed it:

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