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Quote of the week:
“There’s a lot of misunderstanding…[Postpartum depression] is something that’s completely uncontrollable.  It’s really painful and it’s really
scary and women need a lot of support.” 

—  Hayden Panettiere


Breaking News

The Story:

Moms Who Need Mental Health Care The Most Arent Getting It, via CNN

“My belief is she was sick and just didn’t tell anybody,” Hatch said. “This is a disease and nobody
detects it.”

Our Expert Opinion:

If Mom is not attached and tuned in, but depressed and checked out instead, that can lead to neuro-developmental delays in the baby.  It makes her more likely to engage in substance abuse, less likely to follow health and safety guidelines. There is a huge economic effect, because if Mom is miserable she is not going to be able to hold a job. Mothers suffer, so kids suffer, and then the next generation repeats the process over again.” – Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody, director of the perinatal psychiatry program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A PROJECT 375 Perspective:

For all individuals pregnant or not, trying or not, young or old, who may want a family or not. Please recognize that this is a real illness that many women and men experience and know that it is our responsibility as humans to be understanding and compassionate and educate ourselves as to what is happening around us. Be a listening ear not a judging finger.” – Michi Marshall, Co-founder of PROJECT 375

Real Chat: Let’s talk about it

We are excited to bring you another installment from our REAL CHATS Series! This week’s story is from Sean Jankowski.

Sean Jankowski is a proud alumni of St. Ambrose University. He is a loyal fan of the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox, Cyclones and Fighting Irish.  When hes not busy watching his favorite sports you can find him listening to the Dave Matthews Band.

PROJECT 375: What is your biggest success up to now?
Sean Jankowski: My biggest success would have to be graduating college. Having people doubt my abilities and telling me I can’t do something fuels me to prove them wrong.

Find the full Real Chat here.

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Sean is seen here in his brand new PROJECT 375 Under Armour Tech Shirt.
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Want More?

A Reminder That Princess Leia Is An O.G. Mental Health Hero, via Huffington Post

Carrie Fisher, who is reprising her role as the formidable Princess Leia in the next installment of the Star Wars franchise, has been speaking out on mental illness for more than 10 years — something that was almost unheard of in Hollywood at the time she began.

Donald Trump and The Sickos’, via The Atlantic

Donald Trump has done it again. At the third Republican presidential debate Wednesday night, Trump managed to once more offend a large swath of people in one breath.  “I feel that the gun-free zones and, you know, when you say that, that’s target practice for the sickos and for the mentally ill,” he told CNBC moderators. “They look around for gun-free zones.”

How One Text Message Created An Entire Mental Health Organization, via Huffington Post

After a young woman texted with a heartbreaking cry for help, the non-profit volunteer group’s CEO, Nancy Lublin, knew she needed to create an outlet for people struggling with crises in their lives. She quickly founded a separate organization called Crisis Text Line, a free 24-hour nationwide mental health service that gives people access to crisis counselors right at their fingertips.

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The Crazy Stigma Green Mindful Putty is a pliable putty packaged with evidenced-based mindfulness tips and resources to ensure boys and men alike are comfortable having a conversation about and addressing their needs regarding mental health.

Project 375 - No Shave November - Mental Health Awareness Newsletter

 The Facts

  • PTSD develops after a terrifying ordeal that involved physical harm or the threat of physical harm. (
  • When talking about Autism Spectrum Disorder, the term “spectrum” refers to the wide range of symptoms, skills, and levels of impairment or disability that children with ASD can have. (
  • Unlike the relatively mild, brief anxiety caused by a specific event (such as speaking in public or a first date), severe anxiety that lasts at least six months is generally considered to be problem that might benefit from evaluation and treatment.  (
  • Bipolar disorder tends to run in families. Some research has suggested that people with certain genes are more likely to develop bipolar disorder than others.  (
  • People with schizophrenia may hear voices other people don’t hear. They may believe other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them. This can terrify people with the illness and make them withdrawn or extremely agitated. (

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