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“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but is more common and also more hard to bear.”
-C.S. Lewis

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The Story:

Mom uses selfie to help break down mental health stigma
When mom Erin Jones posted a selfie with her prescriptions for antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication on Facebook, she inspired a social media movement to help break down the taboo surrounding mental illness.

On Sept. 2, Jones — who blogs about being on the Autism spectrum and raising kids with special needs at Mutha Lovin’ Autism — shared a photo on her website’s Facebook page, along with a message about seeking treatment.

Following the positive response to her prescription selfie, Jones teamed up with The Mighty to encourage people to post their own photos with the hashtag #MedicatedAndMighty.

Our Expert Opinion:
The longstanding stigma surrounding mental illness contributes to the sense of fear and isolation that often accompanies a new diagnosis or psychiatric crisis, both for an individual and for their family. This is why public education is so important, to combat misconceptions, to enhance access, and to
eradicate stigma.

-Scott Rauch, MD, President and Psychiatrist in Chief for McLean Hospital

A PROJECT 375 Perspective:
Isn’t it exciting to see people using social communications to “do” something vs. just “being on social?” Some may see what Ms. Jones has done as a juvenile “selfie” much as a teenager would do with their friends at the mall. Those people are missing the message and looking only at the medium. Ms. Jones is boldly sharing a personal experience to relate and activate her community online to chip away at the stigma of getting help for mental illness. I applaud her. At worst, it can be seen as a short term post, like a funny meme or the tributes Google does every few weeks with their logo. That’s fine. But at best, what Ms. Jones’ social posts have done is bravely open up a dialogue amongst people who share a very personal struggle, and we can all agree that talking with peers in such a way is an overwhelmingly positive thing. We’ve seen it in the MyCounterpane community, and on the PROJECT 375 social channels daily. Kudos to Erin Jones and best of luck to her on her treatment.

-Nate Ludens, Social Strategist for PROJECT375

Real Chat: Let’s talk about it

We are excited to bring you another Real Chat!

This week’s story is from Daniel Lewis. Daniel is the proud father of his son Carter, an avid New York sports fan, and a loyal follower of his son’s soccer team.

PROJECT 375: What is your favorite activity to do with your son Carter?

Daniel Lewis: All the time I get to see him is great. We do so many different things together. I think this past year coaching his soccer team has been my favorite. He played on a three and under team and I got to be the coach. I was so proud of him when he scored his first goal, he was wearing his hat, carrying a toy truck and took the ball down the entire field and scored.

Find the full Real Chat here.

For more details or to get involved, contact Emily Thieme at


Want More?

Antidepressant Paxil is unsafe for teenagers, new analysis says
That study — featured prominently by the journal BMJ — is a clear break from scientific custom and reflects a new era in scientific publishing, some experts said, opening the way for journals to post multiple interpretations of the same experiment. It comes at a time of self-examination across science — retractions are at an all-time high; recent cases of fraud have shaken fields as diverse as anesthesia and political science; and earlier this month researchers reported that less than half of a sample of psychology papers held up.
What to do when your boss has a mental illness
It is important to know that someone in a position of leadership and authority can have a mental illness. No one is inoculated from mental health challenges. Working for someone who has a mental health challenge can be very disconcerting, causing you as an employee to feel overwhelmed by not knowing how to handle the situation. Taking action can be very difficult because unlike an employee, a leader/manager could retaliate if she feels threatened by an employee. Even though there is risk in dealing with someone who has a mental health challenge while possessing formal or legitimate power in the workplace, something has to be done when it impacts performance or causes disruptions in the workplace.
The bags helping people will mental health issues
“I needed a practical kit at the end of my fingertips so as soon as I noticed the intrusive thought I could engage with something to help me ride the wave of that feeling and significantly reduce or remove the risk of self-harm. Very soon, I realized that this was something I want to share to help others struggling in the same way as me.” Rogers set up a crowd funding page and, with family and friends, tried to boost funds in a range of ways, from car boots to bake sales.

Run with us!

We are just over one week away!

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week, the PROJECT 375 team is running in the Brooklyn Rock n Roll Half Marathon on October 10th and we need your support.

Your donation to Team PROJECT 375 of $37.50 or more will help support the development of important Mental Health Awareness Initiatives.

These initiatives include:

1. The ongoing development of and one year of access for one person. is a fully integrated digital journal experience to document an individual’s mental health and daily progress in dealing with their mental illness or that of a loved one. The community is designed for individuals to connect with others on similar emotional journeys. MyCounterpane will continue to facilitate emotional awareness. Visit

2. The creation of “The Chatterbox,” fueled by PROJECT PREVENT and Child Mind Institute. The Chatterbox empowers kids to explore mental health, express their feelings, and ask for help when they need it.

Thank you for your support!

Complete details are on our website. Let’s all share the journey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by using #IAmAware of #RUNP375.

The Facts

  • ADHD affects about 4.1% of American adults in a given year. (NIMH)
  • At least half of all cases of bipolar disorder start before the age of 25. (NIMH)
  • Mental and substance abuse disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide. (WHO)
  • All ranks of Girl Scouts can now work towards a Mental Health Awareness patch! (
  • Mental Health Awareness Week is October 11th-17th! (Psychology Today)

How to get involved

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