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Feeling determined on 05/31/16
Hey MCP-ers, How was your Memorial Day weekend? How did you celebrate? Did you hear about Washington receiver Isaiah Benfro? He announced Sunday that he was walking away from football in order to continue his recovery from depression and anxiety. "Waking up in the morning got harder and harder, till it got to the point where I didn't want to wake up at all," he wrote, describing his life before he decided to get treatment.

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about 3 hours ago

Vi Johnson
Feeling sad on 05/30/16
I was feeling okay yesterday, but something that has been weighing on my mind lately is how I am not living up to my potential. I live with my mother and she is very strict and controlling and I see others my age that are out on their own learning and having fun and making mistakes and cultivating relationships and friendships. I know that we all evolve at our own pace and that life isn't a race but I am just sad because I hate who I am a lot of the time. Well, I guess I like "me" but not what m...

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about 22 hours ago

Joseph S. Fusaro
Feeling aware on 05/30/16
To all that have served or are serving; Thank you.

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about 23 hours ago



- May 31, 2016, 3:50 pm

It's the last day of May, but you can spread #mentalhealth awareness all year long! Here's how:
h J R

- May 31, 2016, 1:55 pm

.@WaveGodZay Your story will inspire so many. Thank you.
h J R

- May 31, 2016, 2:00 am

Hope this helps! #IAmAware RT @ChildMindDotOrg: Here are some tips to make the mornings more manageable.
h J R


According to a new report by the Child Mind Institute, an estimated "17.1 million U.S. children and adolescents now have, or have had in the past, a diagnosable psychiatric disorder." About 80 percent of chronic mental disorders in adults actually begin during youth. ... See MoreSee Less

According to a new report, 1 in 5 American children suffers from a mental health or learning disorder. Why aren't schools detecting mental health issues before they become problematic?

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17.1 Million young people have or have had a diagnosable disorder
50% of mental illness begins before age 14
4,600 young people complete suicide every year

The unfortunate story of millions of Americans impacted by mental illness and disorders is in the numbers. The number of youth in juvenile justice systems, the number of untreated youth, the number of youth suicides – each of these numbers is TOO HIGH.

Change starts by inviting every individual in remission, patient, provider and loved-one to be a part of a sustainable conversation. Each of us needs to say #Iamaware that there is #nostigma in your diagnosis. Then we extend an open mind, heart and hand to someone who needs to hear and see acceptance. Without the stigma treatment becomes a reality and the numbers start to go down.

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The opportunity we have to fight for those who cannot is a gift. Lend your voice and muscle to PROJECT 375. Tweet @project375 to let us know how you want to demonstrate #iamaware.

  • Start moodifying on mycounterpane/mentalhealth today
  • Share your story with us through a one on one interview
  • Join our scavenger hunt team
  • Host a Machine Marshall Watch Party
  • Become an authorized distributor of ChatterboxTM fueled by PROJECT PREVENT and the Child Mind Institute
  • Host your very own Paddle Battle house party


Throughout the year we will explore and celebrate eradicating the stigma by bringing the mental health community together. Our 2016 calendar will be posted soon.


There are many ways to give at PROJECT 375. Regardless of your preferred gift experience your money will go directly toward our current initiatives.

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2/3 of all Americans with a diagnosable mental illness don’t seek treatment. Extraordinary progress continues in the development of effective evidence based treatment and care regimes.

Those living with or caring for someone with a mental illness or disorder can be an active participant in their own story.


CALL 1.800.273.TALK


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