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Feeling overwhelmed on 06/29/16
I hate feeling dumb. I know, no one likes feeling dumb. I am used to being able to read something and understand it. Or search online and watch a video and understand it. Or at least grasp the concept. I started my Functional Biomechanics class this week. I started the reading assignment tonight. I am two pages in and have not a clue NOT A CLUE what it is talking about. I don't know if it is the textbook or the math or what, but I am just not comprehending! It is so frustrating and aggr...

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about 10 hours ago

Allyson Shorter
Feeling hopeful on 06/28/16
Today was a good day for us. Jackson did not have any episodes. He played well with his brother, and when I did have to correct his behavior, he accepted what I said. He seemed to understand what he had done wrong this time. Often times, he is incapable of seeing his fault in a situation. But not today! In my Ice Cube voice, "Today was a good day!"

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1 day ago

Stephen McDonnell
Feeling happy on 06/28/16
Had one of those amazing days where, despite not really actively doing anything special, everything seemed to magically fall in to place and the road, for a while at least had no obstacles, holes or traffic congestion. A good workout in the morning watching nascar (a secret sporting vice of mine lol), then a spot of watching Wimbledon at my favourite coffee shop and then a trip to the theatre in the evening to see a super spin on 'The 39 Steps'. I felt like the empty vessel of my soul finally h...

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1 day ago



- June 30, 2016, 12:35 am

22.2% of American youth will have a diagnosable mental illness with “serious impairment” at some point before they are 18. #IAmAware
h J R



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17.1 Million young people have or have had a diagnosable disorder
50% of mental illness begins before age 14
4,600 young people complete suicide every year

The unfortunate story of millions of Americans impacted by mental illness and disorders is in the numbers. The number of youth in juvenile justice systems, the number of untreated youth, the number of youth suicides – each of these numbers is TOO HIGH.

Change starts by inviting every individual in remission, patient, provider and loved-one to be a part of a sustainable conversation. Each of us needs to say #Iamaware that there is #nostigma in your diagnosis. Then we extend an open mind, heart and hand to someone who needs to hear and see acceptance. Without the stigma treatment becomes a reality and the numbers start to go down.

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Throughout the year we will explore and celebrate eradicating the stigma by bringing the mental health community together. Our 2016 calendar will be posted soon.


There are many ways to give at PROJECT 375. Regardless of your preferred gift experience your money will go directly toward our current initiatives.

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2/3 of all Americans with a diagnosable mental illness don’t seek treatment. Extraordinary progress continues in the development of effective evidence based treatment and care regimes.

Those living with or caring for someone with a mental illness or disorder can be an active participant in their own story.


CALL 1.800.273.TALK


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